Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Trip to Utah

Photoshow of May 2008

Rather than try to explain to all of you what we have been up to, I thought I'd just post a photoshow so you can see. This is a photoshow of Ella's birthday, a visit with Tia and Kalani, and also our Memorial Day weekend in Mansfield. It was good fun!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I'm Going Home

Yep, I get the insanity award. I flew this week with the three kiddos by myself. After flying to Virginia in March with Walker screaming the WHOLE way....I was a little anxious about flying without Dan, but we did it. We made it. We had a minor mishap in Denver. We only had a 45 minute connection, and because of storms we landed 25 minutes late....leaving us 20 minutes or so. So, I was waiting on the jetway for my stroller that was supposed to be gate checked so I could use it in Denver....we waited...and waited...(mind you I am holding Walker the whole arm is beginning to shake) and then they inform us that our stroller was checked with the regular luggage and we could get it in SLC. So, I get off the plane and check where we need to go...we just lost 10 minutes waiting for the stroller so we are down to 10 minutes before our flight leaves. I discover that we are at gate A 29 and we need to get to gate A 51...which is accross the airport and I have NO STROLLER. So we start running....and thank goodness for the moving walkways or I don't think we would have made it. Right before the end of our final moving walkway (ella is screaming...."mommy don't leave me." I am screaming "Run...just keep running...we are almost there) we hear "Final boarding call for the flight to SLC. All ticketed passengers should be on board." We run faster, Ella screams louder and Tarin is just trying to keep up. When we hand the lady our ticket she says, "you didn't need to run, you have plenty of time." I wanted to slap her. What do you mean we don't need to run? Apparantly "Final Boarding Call" only means that we are thinking about getting ready to close this flight. We then sat on the plane for another 10-15 minutes while my bicep muscle is convulsing because of the long run we had carrying Walker in my arms. But, we made it and all is well. Walker actaully slept on the flight to SLC so we are good now! My arm has been sore ever since.

But, we made it and it is SO good to see my little bro. We missed him so much and it is fun to see him all grown up. He is the highlight of all family parties and we can now visit knowing that we will be rolling the entire time. He is so handsome and so mature. I really look up to him. He calls Walker "Chuck" and Walker adores him. He followed him around the church today and was very sad when Robby went to a different class than we did. He has given Robby more hugs than he has given me since we got here. It is fun to see them bond. I think it is because Robby took him outside and showed him ALL of Grandpa's tractors and toys. He likes Grandpa too, because Grandpa took him out to the garage and let him pet all of his "moo's" hanging on the wall. Funny stuff.

Yesterday we got to hang out with my BFF for the last 20+ years. It is wierd to think that I could have had a friend for that length of time. She has a little girl 6 weeks younger than Tarin and they always have a GREAT time playing together. We just had lunch at my mom's and let the kids run around playing. It was so much fun. I LOVE COMING HOME! It is so comfortable and so fun to be around family and friends that you have known and loved for so long, and that know and love you...even though they have known you for so long. I love sharing this with my kids. I love showing them things I did as a kid and introducing them to people I have had in my life for SO VERY LONG! I am so grateful to have grown up in such a beautiful and peaceful place. Did I mention I love it here??

Monday, June 2, 2008

Cute Pic

Tarin had her last Sunshine Generation performance on Saturday. While we were waiting for it to start Walker just wouldn't leave her alone. He had to be on her lap waiting in front of the audience. It was very cute. Tarin was a little embarassed that her little brother only wanted to be with her, but she was a good big sister and let him relax with her until the instructor told him he had to leave. My awesomely talented neighbor took this pic of them. I thought it just had to be posted. Walker does love his big sister, and she loves him too. Seeing your kids like to be with eachother is one of those things that just makes a mom happy. This made me happy.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

First time for Everything

So, yesterday, for the first time, I bought size 5 diapers. Could my baby really be that big. I have only ever seen that size of a diaper on like 2 year olds....he is only 15 months. He just seems so big to me. I just can't imagine that as long as it took to potty train Ella, she was never any bigger than a size 4, and that was only at the end. But, my 15 month old baby is already a size 5. The thing that stinks about wearing bigger diapers is that there aren't as many in the I feel like I get ripped off. Oh well, whatever holds it all in is worth it, I guess.