Tuesday, September 28, 2010

WOW...it's been a while

So, here we are, almost two months later and I realize how much I didn't blog about. Tarin turned nine about month ago. She is an amazing little girl. She has been moved around so much lately and has taken it like a champ. She didn't have a "friend" birthday party because we don't have too many "friends" here yet, so we are going to plan a fun one for next year, we hope. We did have a fun dinner and yummy cake. She seemed satisified with it. For her birthday she (we) got a new Wii....which we all love. It is fun to hear all three of the big kids up in the bonus room playing together. Although it is a video game, which I do not love, I do love that they are playing it together and interacting, rather than watching the tube and not even communicating. Dan and I have had to set a timer when we play at nights so that we can get to bed at a decent hour.

Dan is SO busy right now, I don't know how he hasn't had a nervous breakdown. The ARkansas liscensure board is still trying to figure out what their laws are, so he hasn't been able to get his AR liscense to dispense hearing aids. In the mean time, we have hired an audiologist to work at the office until Dan can get the liscense squared away. He is still working for Starkey and still on the road and in his very limited spare time, he is working at the office here, putting together marketing pieces, and planning out marketing events for the office, as well as trying to do all the honey do's I require of him. He is simply amamzing to me right now. He just got called to be exec. secretary in the ward too, so, now he is busy most of the only day he really has off. Poor guy. I sure hope he can hold it together for a bit longer.

As for the other kids, Ella is doing great in the 1st grade. She has a super sweet teacher and loves it. Her favorite day of the week is Friday because the football players from the highschool help with opening the car doors during drop off. She is also doing gymnastics on Thursday nights. She is super social and has made some cute friends here already.

Walker is doing great. A few mom's from church and I have started doing a pre-school co-op. It is working out pretty good. He is such a good kid and so social. He loves to play with all his friends. This past few week he has decided to commit to riding his bike without training wheels and he can pedal all over the creation. Up into the cul-de-sac and then all the way down the big hill home. Brave little kiddo.

Wyatt is turing into a little stink. He is scooting all over the place, kindof crawls like a wounded soldier. He is going to be the first kid to require me to baby proof the house. He is a squirmy little guy and more often than not, has a big ol' grin for anyone who will give him a smile.

That is the update for now. We are looking forward to Dan's parents coming to visit this weekend. We Love having visitors. . hint hint.....

Hopefully this isn't the last post of the year. . . . .darn facebook.