Monday, August 9, 2010

Officially in my 30's

This past week was my 31st birthday. Dan's mom has a tradition of making us photoshows on our this is mine. I spent the day with Livia and the kids in Austin. Went to our own Pflugerville Chic Fil A for lunch with a WHOLE bunch of friends, and then later that night, Bill was nice enough to watch six kids so the girls could go GNO. We went to CPK and then shopping at the Domain, it was great. Dan sent me an "edible Arrangement" that was FANTASTIC. And in true "Welling" style we carried the celebration on to the next night when we met Dan in Dallas, went to dinner, and then on a shopping trip to Ikea the next day. It was FABULOUS! I got all new dishes and new silverware...and a dresser for the girl's room. It was great! Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes and making it FABULOUS!