Wednesday, February 27, 2008


So, I was thinking today about all the funny thing my middle child has to say and thought if I didn't document them somewhere that I just might forget...

Ellaism Number 1 - The parable of the soap

One day Ella had been in the toilet doing her thing and as she was washing her hand she dropped my (used to be my mother in law's) cutest chili pepper soap dispenser and broke it. I, of course, was upset and told her (in a very firm, loud voice) that if she needed help she should ask. And then she went to time out. Later on, as I was talking to her in time out. This was her comment, "Mom, if when I break the soap, you come in and say, Ella that was not a good choice to break the soap, and I will say, sorry mommy and you will say, that is okay. Then I will not be sad and you will be a nice mommy." I thought this alone was pretty cute, however the story continues. About a week later we were getting ready to leave and she was taking her time choosing shoes and didn't get to the car when I thought she should. Anyway, I got upset with her and told her in a very loud GET IN THE CAR! She calmly looked at me and said "Mommy, remember the soap."

Ellaism Number Two - The Four Letter Word

Yesterday at preschool, they were eating lunch and apparantly it was a big mess. Ella looked at her teacher and and pointed to the mess on the floor and said, "Are you gonna clean this crap up?" She of course got a talking to about using potty words at school. I guess her mommy needs a talking to too. I counted, and just after dinner I said that before mentioned four letter word like six times just doing the dishes after dinner. Maybe breaking this habit will require an elastic around my wrist.

Walker's Walking

Less than one week shy of his first birthday, our big boy decided to start walking! YIPEE! Mom and dad finally caught on by the third child and actually documented this event. This probably had something to do with the fact that we were actually here for this one. He's been flirting with the idea for a while, but last night he finally decided that crawling is a little hard on the knees. (Especially when you are as big as he is) He tried to follow me from the family room up the stairs to put the girls to bed. This is not the actual first was five minutes later...but I thought you all might enjoy it.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ella's Christmas Ballet Dance

I know this is a little late, but I just realized I could do this. It is pretty fun. Ella loves her ballet class, as you can see. Sorry the quality is off, but her mom isn't the best videographer.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


So, teach me to say that the sickness is finally gone....Tarin woke up this morning with a fever of 100.2 and by this evening it is she will be home from school yet another day this month. The question now I take her to the doctor or not? This is debatable, becauses if I take her, I run the risk of the other two getting sick while we are there. So, maybe we will tough this one out at home, unless she starts complaining about her throat.

So this weekend was pretty fun. I took the kids to yet another birthday party on Friday. It was at a big bouce house warehouse. Walker LOVED it. Not so much the bouce houses, but the balls that were everywhere. He would hit it with his hand and then crawl and follow it everywhere. He plays fetch with himself, it is AWESOME! So, for his first birthday, he will be getting a ball, pretty simple, huh?

On Saturday Dan took all three kids on a hike with his brother and sister in law. It sounded like a great adventure. They took Willie too. There was a river and a waterfall and cliffs and all kinds of scary stuff. It was probably a good thing I wasn't there, however, if I had been there, we wouldn't have forgotten the backpack for Walker. Ben and Dan took turns getting a bicep workout as they lugged the 26 lb baby along the trail. They are crazy, but strong I guess. I must say that I don't know that I would ever be brave enough to take three kids and a dog on a hike without Dan's help. I am sure he was grateful to have the bro and sil there too....He didn't take the camera so no pics of this hike, but apparantly it was cool enough to go back and do again.

So, wish me luck this week as we work on not spreading whatever disease is in our house right now.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Almost March

So, another month has gone by without much blogging going on. I know I need to be better at this, but it has been crazy, but fun. Dan's little brother and Sisiter in law moved here this month. WE ARE SO EXCITED to have some family in town. We only hope that hanging out with us doesn't make them never want children. I had to reminder the SIL the other day that they aren't born three years Ella was throwing a tantrum. They start out little and relatively easy, and then they progressively get harder, right? I guess harder in a different way...more self reliant, but harder because you lose some control of their choices. Anyway, that is my observation. I guess you just teach them what you think you should and then hope they make the right choices.

We went to Enchanted Rock again a few weekends ago with the Busbys. I will post some pictures if I ever get my act together. I didn't even think about sunblock and all the kids got fried, especially Walker. I know, mother of the year...I always seem to be earning that award.

This was the section where Ella actually walked. I let her win the daily shoe battle that morning and her shoes were giving her some pretty big blisters....a fight I guess I should have fought harder.

On the way down it look like it would be a good ride on a slide....unfortunately this time because the rock wasn't wet, it didn't make much of a granite slide.

It was a pretty steep climb up.

Willie came with us and I couldn't not put this sweet picture of him and Bethy on.

So that is an update....we hope to be creating a photo show from our adventures at the wild animal park. That is soon to be coming.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sick Again . . .

I am seriously so sick of the sickness that has been haunting our house since the middle of December. It started with Dan, and now it has moved on to all three of the kids. We have been well for a week and then sick for a week, on and off for about two months. I seriously cannot handle another day of being the care taker. It is very draining. Did I mention that ALL THREE of the kids are sick? I am either giving medicine to one, cleaning up after the other, making a snack for one or changing a diaper at all times. I am ready to call a nanny and take a week off. I know so many other people on the planet have sick families all the time, it just hasn't ever happened to me, at least since we became a family of 5. It is rough stuff. I have all new respect for nurses at hospitals and clinics, however they are typically not on 24/7, and they get paid.

Just two weeks ago at church during the good news minute I annouced that all children and adults in our house were much for that...five days later another evil virus entered our house. A friend from church told me that there was a pandemic in this area and most schools have about 20% of their students home sick. I wonder if it is just Texas, or what. I know the pollen counts are high. So, needless to say, we are stuck on the homefront again this week. It could be a long one. Not very often to I envy Dan having to get up and go to work, but what I wouldn't give to have somewhere to go tomorrow to get away from the sick.

Anyway...that is all the whining I have in me for now....catch ya later, hopefully when we are all well.....hopefully that is.