Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Photo update

We went to a fantastic park in St George when we were there over spring break. The kids had so much fun and there was TON for them all to do.

Here is what Walker found to do. Notice the progression of his parents giving in to Walker's one true passion........WATER

Monday, April 13, 2009

Long Time No post

So, it's been a while. Things are crazy, as usual. I wonder when they will slow down? Tonight I did something very brave. I cut my girl's hair. I don't think I did a BAD job, just don't think I did a great job. Whomever cuts their hair next will probably be disgusted at the unevenness of it. But, they were brave enough to let me try and I was brave enough to try it. Tomorrow when they wake up we will see how it goes.

We had a great low-key easter weekend. We went to Fort Worth to see some friends and to buy a car. We have been car shopping for over a month...and for any of you who know my husband, to say we shopped for a month is somewhat of a miracle. He doesn't have a whole ton of patience for shopping around. We were patient and held out and ended up getting a great deal. We bought a 2006 Nissan Armada....pretty nice. It even has a back-up camera so I can see what is going on behind me before I back up. It will keep those around me very safe..

For Easter we had a small Easter Egg hunt at home and then went to church, a little late, and then had a houseful of people over for dinner. It was a fantastic dinner and I am still feeling the effects of it...but still eating leftovers too. Gotta love caramel bread pudding...thanks Union Grill for sharing the recipe. It is FANTASTIC!

Tarin is in full swing with soccer. She still loves it and has an excellent coach and likes the girls on her team. She is very active and asked me tonight why when you do ballet you have to make your toes point so funny. She thinks it looks silly...

Ella was showing off her ballet moves tonight and I am really surprised at the grace and poise she has when she does her little ballet moves. She is definately the ballerina princess....She is going to turn five in May and doesn't want much for her birthday, just to go with her friends to Hawaii to the beach. Or, she would like to take all her friends to Sea World. Seems simple enough, right?

Walker is turning into a wild man. He loves playing outside and has a car in the back yard that he LOVES! Gotta love neighbors who pass down toys. I think that thing is going to keep him busy for hours a day. It is one of those Flinstone-like cars that you push with your feet. He is always happy and has a serious sense of humor.

Dan's mom is coming this week for a visit...we are all SO excited. It has been a LONG time, like almost a year, since we have had visitors. HINT HINT! Come on ya'll and see us!