Sunday, March 22, 2009

Teach Me!

So, I was driving on our way to Southern Utah this past week....and had the cruise control set at 75 in a 70 mph speed limit you would think. Nope, I got pulled over. He said I was going 77 and I GOT A TICKET! Teach me to blog and brag about getting out of stuff. I am pissed. 7 MPH over...who gets a ticket for that. and it is going to cost me $130.00. Yeah, no fair...that is all I have to say.

Other than that, the trip was great fun and we made it there and back alive. It was about 50 hours in the car..I know you are all jealous! It was worth it though!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Is it Luck??

I just remembered a few things, and thought if I didn't blog them, they may never make it to our family history and I just want my children to know how truely gifted their mother getting out of things.

Situation #1 - - pulled over for going 41 in a 30. I say, "but officer how are we supposed to keep track of the speed limit on this road when it changes 5 times in two miles." We argue about the speed limit up ahead...literally 1/4 mile. I tell him it is 40, he says 35, I am right. I get a warning.

Situation #2 - - pulled over for doing a "California Rolling Stop" with my three kids, plus my neighbors three kids all in the car. All of them buckled appropriately and everyone happy. I get a warning, by simply apologizing, or looking pathetic with all those kids, or he was just too scared to think that some crazy lady in her late 20's could possibly have six kids.

Situation #3 - - -on my way home from a massage one night I drove approximately 10 miles on the freeway and as I was exiting...I knew I wasn't speeding because I was slowing down to exit...i get pulled over. He told me he was suspicious that I had been drinking because my headlights weren't on (it was about 10PM). Apparantly that is a warning sign of a drunk driver. I get a nice reminder to turn on my lights. I apologize profusely because of course it was just a mistake. I was in Dan's truck and not used to having to remember to turn them on.

Situation #4 - - -I am late getting Ella to school and I hurry and put the kids in the car and head down the road with only my cell phone. They just installed a new traffic light in our neighborhood and it happens to be in the middle of the school zone. The intersection where the light is used to be a 4 way stop, and I have accidentally run the red light a few times forgetting there was a light there, so I was very focused on the light and not so much the school zone. Sure enough, I gun it when the light turns green and find myself going 36 in a 25mph school zone. The cop just walks out from behind the tree (because the motorcycle cops park their bikes and just stand there to pull you over), and pulls me over. I immediately realize that I have no wallet, but my insurance card is there, so hopefully that is good enough. The cop approaches me and asks for my stuff. I tell him that I was running my daughter to pre school, running late, and forgot to grab my purse. I don't know my driver's liscense number, and so I just hand him my insurance card...mind you this was on February 3rd. He then looks at the card and asks for a CURRENT see mine expired February 1st, and I hadn't replaced it with the new one. So, no I don't. I NEVER cried, I just had to laugh. He said "Ma'am this just isn't your day is it?" I laughed and said, apparantly not. He goes back to his motorcycle. I think to myself, surely my luck has run out and this is going to be the BIGGEST ticket of my life. He come back to the truck, and says.....well I am going to give you a warning for the speeding (WHAT? HOORAY!!) But I am going to write you up for no proof of insurance and no dirver's liscense. You just have to go show those two things at the courthouse and your ticket will be waived! Yes, I am the luckiest person alive.

Dan however, is not. For the number of times I have gotten out of a ticket, he has gotten twice as many and paid a whole heck of a lot of money to the courthouse. I think he has had three tickets since Christmas, isn't that right honey?

Moral of the out for PFPD! They are out there in force and may just be hiding behind your nearest tree!

Things to remember.

Monday, March 2, 2009

2 Years old and GROWING!

My Sweet Baby is Two.....although the size of an average three year old

I cannot believe that two years ago tomorrow my baby boy was born. He has been a complete joy since the first day we had him....other than the fact he wanted to be born upside-down....

We had his birthday party today so that Dan could be here. We all met at a bus stop and then rode the city bus to a McDonald's ate their oh so yummy goodness, played a while, had cupcakes, and then rode the bus back home. It was fantastic. This was all for the boy, who every time he sees a bus...asks "bus, mommy, please?" So this was to fulfill his two year old fantasy, and it did. He loved it and I think his friends did too.

All the kids waiting for the bus

Ready to go

Luke, Karina, Ella, Jill, and Tarin are ready to ride

Denise and Sara were so awesome to bring Dawson and Scott to celebrate with Walker.

Ben and Al joined in at McD's

So did Kasey and Kade

As you can tell, Walker enjoyed his cupcake.

This is all of us, minus Ben and Al and a few other friends headed back to the bus stop to catch the bus. This was the scary part of the trip...a whole bunch of toddlers waiting for a bus along a very busy street. I think all of us were happy when the bus finally arrived and the kids were safely on board

Here he is with all his friends and family singing happy birthday to him. This is just a small glimpse into the sweet baby I have. Turn the music to mute so you can enjoy!

His friends by him are Scott on the left and Dawson on the right. Pretty fun, huh?

Happy birthday Big Boy!!