Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day Part 1

So, this weekend has been fun so far. It started with a nice relaxing Friday evening and then our good friends the Gillilands came for a night. We took them up to a place called Tanyard Creek. Six kids, two dogs, and four adults. These pictures are the result of a fabulous time. It was great. After the adventure we go to go have a nice adult dinner while a brave sitter watched all six kiddos! It was great! Here are some pics of the hike.

Dan and Walker and Willie all going for a swim in the lake after the hike..

Hiding behind the waterfal

Everyone braving the water to get a shot behind a waterfall

Kings of the Mountain

Ella the little hiker girl

Scaling the mossy was pretty slippery but really fun.

All the kids enjoying a rest

Zach thought this was great!

Hiking the creek to the waterfall

Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's a Phone????

I had to post this...Tarin opening her phone for her birthday.

I Love Free Stuff....

So, our Stake here in Bentonville hosts an annual preparedess fair for the community. Our stake hosts, and runs most of it, but apparantly it has turned into a HUGE community event. Lots of vendors and businesses in the area donate things and also come support with volunteers, etc. So, we have been hearing about it for a few weekends and I am way excited to go see what this is all about. They give out 72 hour starter kits to everyone who comes, provide lunch, games for the kids, etc. It is gonna be great. One of the girls in our ward was in charge of getting all the donations for the 72 hour kids and money for the food, prizes, etc. After playgroup today she invited us over to her house to get some stuff that they couldn't use...that Wal-Mart had donated and she needed to get rid of. I thought I might end up with a tube or two of toothpaste or some shampoo or something...but when I saw the BOXES of stuff that had already been ran-sacked for the 72 hour kids, by the RS presidents in the area, and a few other folks in the ward...and this was what was LEFT, I was overwhelmed. I probably got at least a year supply of razors, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, bar soap, etc. Here is a pic to show you just what I got...and there were still boxes FULL when I left. It was amazing. If people around the country could figure out how to get pallets of this stuff from food banks would run low and shelters would be stocked. The pallett she got was ONE WEEKS worth of returns and non-sellable items from the Wal Marts around the nation. AMAZING.