Sunday, June 24, 2007

It is possible!!!

I must say that since my husband started traveling again I have had a very real fear of getting to church by myself. I am proud to say that today we made it on time and everyone smiling....kind of. It was a big deal for me. I have a friend that sat by us so I didn't feel so outnumbered. For the most part, the girls were great and Walker slept during sacrament meeting, so we are ALL good. I am waiting for the man to get home from Minnesota so I can put on some pictures of our trip to the beach last weekend. We have lived in Texas for almost three and a half years now, and just barely made it to the coast. The girls had such a great time, and I must say my husband and I did too. Tarin loved playing in the waves. Ella wasn't so fond of the sand and getting icky. She's more of a swimming pool gal, much like her mother. I am pretty sure we did get a picture of her with another bucket on her head. She is a strange child. We'll update those pictures later!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Beginning

Well, I guess it is time that I become a blogger. I am excited about putting daily information into some sort of written format for all the world to see....ha ha ha! Since I am not a scrap booker and I am really no good at journal keeping I thought that writing this blog might somehow preserve some of the memories we are making as a family. I don't know how long the internet will last or this site itself will be around, but as technology advances I guess so will I. This past few months has been a whirlwind. On one hand I feel like the baby was just barely born, and on the other it has been the LONGEST four months of my life. He is a great baby and has been since he was born. I type he is fussing..... He is such a great sleeper and I feel so blessed to be getting a great deal of sleep. This week my husband has been gone to Minnesota and our good friends the Francoms came down from Mansfield. Tarin had such a great time playing with Sophia. We got to swim and went to Zilker Park and the Austin Nature and Science Center. We even rode the Zilker Zephyr (train) around the park. Ella sat between Noah and Alexandra and giggled the entire time. Even The baby seemed very amused to be riding a train. Maybe the love of trains is innate in boys. Our great neighbor Rachel, the photographer, made this cool website that has pictures of the day. If you would like to see them, it is It was a fun and tiring day. The kids were all completely wiped out.

So my goal for this summer is to get caught up on all the photo albums and begin keeping better records of our life. Walker is the lucky child that will actually have a history of his early life. I guess I am doing things a little backwards. Normally your third child has no pictures, but in our family, it is the opposite. We don't have a whole lot from Tarin's babyhood, a little more from Ella's and we'll have heaps from Walkers. I guess I am just realizing how important it is....mostly to me. Hopefully I won't be the only family member to post on our blog. I hope Dan will join in the fun too. I guess that depends on how busy he is at work. All right well my five minutes is officially spent.....more later