Monday, September 29, 2008

We did It!!

So, for about a month I have been complaining that I need one of my mom's (origionally Grandma Welling's) donuts. This time of year is when we would start to plan the annual donut/Halloween party. Over the years this party has evolved from a Halloween party for the kids pre-trick or treating to a donut/soup party for all the adults. I MISS THEM TERRIBLY! So I decided, if Carin can do it, so can I. (Although she is much better at most things than I am) So, we had the families Dan home teaches over for FHE tonight and we made them donuts. They weren't as tasty as my mom's but they were pretty good for a first shot. They got eaten. I made about 100 donuts and this is a picture of what is left after everyone left my house tonight. Given, there were some plates delivered through the neighborhood, but for the most part, the majority was consumed.

If I ever make them again, I will make the frosting a little differently and I will plan ahead to not have to feed the missionaries dinner the same night, and I won't plan a lunch for the ladies I visit teach the same day either. It was kindof a crazy day, but it all worked out and everyone left with full bellies and a sugar headache.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


So, this was a weekend of lessons for us...namely for miss Tarin. Friday night Dan and I went out on a date and we left the kids with a babysitter. She is a relatively new sitter and was pretty nervous I think anyway. Tarin had convinced her to get out the flat iron and play makeover with them. I am still a little unclear as to what exactly happened, but this is the result. The poor babysitter left sobbing, and I was just glad I walked in the house when I did.

So, there were a number of lessons learned, most of which I didn't even have to verbalize because of the result of a poor decision. It didn't stop her too much, she went and played her soccer game on Saturday and scored six goals. Her coach threatened to come over next Friday night and burn her other hand so she will score six next week. It is a big fat blister and hopefully it will not pop tomorrow at school. This is Tarin's first major owee. I am sure it is the first of many more to come. She has been mad about it because it hurts so much, so hopefully this will be a teaching point for many years to come. You know, this parenting thing seems to get a little harder each year. Suddenly just because mom said no isn't a good enough reason for things. I guess this is where learning the hard way comes in. I don't know if I am game for it or not.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Small Things

I have two things to be grateful for today:

1. I went to a store with Walker and after I left I realized that they had charged me wrong so I needed to go back in. Normally when I put Walker in his seat, I throw my keys in the drivers seat. Walker was all strapped in when I discovered the charges were wrong, so I unstrapped him and went in to make things right. As I am leaving the store I realize that my keys are missing. The truck automatically locks when it sits for a period of time and I knew it was locked by now. OH NO! I search everywhere and THANKFULLY find them at the bottom of my bag. I was so glad that we were not stuck at the beauty supply store waiting for a locksmith.

2. After school my doorbell rang and a new friend of mine brought dinner over. She is experimenting on how to make food taste good and be fat free and I am giving one of her trial recipes a taste test. I am so grateful to be on her taste test list. She is now working on making the chocolate cake in a mug less fattening. I am grateful for new friends.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I Probably Deserved it

This weekend was somewhat crazy for me. Dan spent the weekend in Houston doing some much needed clean up after Hurricane Ike devastated a lot of areas down there. So, Saturday I was a good mom and took the kids to a fun new play place in a near by city. They had a great time. After we got home I put Walker down for his nap so we could be ready to go to Tarin's soccer game a few hours later. I hear him cry.

Thankfully I go check because there was milk puke EVERYWHERE! So, bath number 1.....he gets cleaned up, plays around for a while, POOPS down my stairs....and then comes bath number 2....while I clean up the stairs. He takes a good nap, in the mean time I find a friend to take Tarin to her soccer game...which I am kind of bummed that I don't get to go to...I love watching her play. Walker wakes up. Plays around and has another bad diaper. I realize that with only three diapers left in the house, and a case a diarrhea I should go to the store. A friend calls and offers to pick some up for me....I say no because I need stuff for Sunday dinner I go at 6:45PM to the grocery store. I realize that I haven't fed my kids...only because they are reminding me. I think, okay there is a McD's here in the store so let's eat there and then get our shopping done with full tummies. "I will take two chicken nugget happy meals." and BLEEEECH....Walker pukes ALL OVER ME! Direct hit, I am soaked and I stink. We leave and go directly home with the screaming french fry-aholic that is highly angry she doesn't get fries anymore. She was so mad...i got an "I HATE YOU!" Who knew the power for McD's fries?? Maybe they do have crack in them. Here comes shower number 3 for me for the day, and bath number 3 for Walker. I set him in his chair to have some banana after our bath, and once again, he pukes and that calls for bath #4. Thankfully that is it until bed time...which never really happens because he won't lay down. Dan walked in the door late, and I finished my shopping trip at 11 PM that night. What a day.

The moral of the story is.....if a friend offers to pick up some diapers for you, let her. Also, just because they haven't thrown up in a while and in all other aspects of their world look healthy, they still might puke on you.

He still has no fever or any other ailment, just diarreah. I have cleaned up more poop today from one kid than I ever remember doing for the other two combined. Livia says it is because I buy cheap diapers...she is probably right.

I probably deserved it.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Summer fun with Nana and Grandpa

These are some pictures of Nana and Grandpa's trip to TX this past July. We had a total blast and enjoyed so many fun things. A trip to San Antonio, the Riverwalk as well as Six Flags. A trip to Fredericksburg and Luckenbach too! The kids LOVE when people come see us...HINT HINT!

Awesome Footage of The Race


We just needed to dedicate a post to Dan's dad, John. He completed his first marathon this weekend and we are so proud of him. He has spend many many hours and many months preparing for this. If any of you are runners, you can imagine what it would take to get ready to run 26.2 miles. He finished in a great time. I don't know that I will ever have the desire to run that far or that long, but I do have an appreciation for the difficulty of it. I have been running with a friend who is training for the St. George Marathon, and I haven't gone that far, but the distances I have gone with her are long enough (15 miles was my max). So, all you folks out there who can run for 26.2 miles, I salute you! You are all my heros! Once again...congratulations Grandpa! We are so proud of you!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Abnormally large - - not surprised

So, that is how you would describe my baby boy. The doc told me this his 18 month well-check...that he is the size of an average three year old. At this rate...we will be on the rides at six flag by Halloween. Isn't that cool? He is off the charts for height and in the 90th percentile for weight. CRAZY! The only problem with all of this is that I have to carry him still...he is only 18 months old. Oh is good for my back muscles, right?

Ella started Pre-K this week. WOO HOO! She got Ms. Sally and she loves it. The little boy that proposed to her last year is in her class this that is really exciting. Although Ella has a little competition in the class this year. There are a whole bunch of really cute little girls. Hopefully Ms. Sally will have the patience that Ms. Laurie did last year. I hope that I get to hear all the stories like I did last year. The co-teacher in the class is my running' buddy Jen. So that was nice for Ella to have a familiar face.

Tarin has decided that second grade is good. A little more homework and a little more responsibility, but with that comes a few more privileges.. . . if you ask her she will tell you what she gets to do now that she is in 2nd grade....she feels really big about it!