Friday, June 25, 2010

Welcome to our home. . .

Most of you know that we have made a move....on the anniversary of our move last year from Austin, we have moved again, to our new home in Hot Springs, AR. It is beautiful here and I am not gonna lie to you, it is SO nice to have a little more space to roam around in. We actually have been sleeping in because we can't hear eachother breathe in the next room. It has been super duper nice. We just love our new house! Here are some pics. I have SO many more pictures to update. We have made about 25 trips to Hot Springs that are documented in photos. One trip was for Spring Breat, another with Livia in April, another with Dan's parents in May and another quick weekend drive by in May. This is a totally different experience for us. We are used to neighbors and a neighborhood, not the case here. Here we have few neighbors and not much of a 'hood. Noone out at night to play with, etc. I think we doubled the number of children in the neighborhood just by moving here. I have gotten SO SO SO many comments about the number of children I have, mostly nice ones, some "Oh mY's", etc. Coming from people who live in the same state as the Duggars. . . . 19 and Counting family on TLC. Anyway, Robby and Katie and my mom and dad came to help. We worked them to death and I think they sweated off about 10 lbs each. IT was the HOTTEST week ever., We were so grateful though! LOVE THEM! I don't know why it is all underlined. . . oh well. . .

Here are some pictures for those of you interested. . .

Entry Way - Pre-Move. . . the lighting was bad for some of the rooms, and they were messy, so some are before we moved in and some are after. . .

Back patio . .. pre-move in because I was too lazy to go outside

Front Room . . .maybe we will call it the Great room . Need decor help . . PLEASE

Dining Room - - Lighting was bad for photo post move in

Wyatt's Room . . .once he is bigger it will be made into the guest room, but as for now, it is his. It has a bathroom attached to it and a really big closet.

Master Bath - - it is fabulous! Need I say more. Walker averages about 2 showers a day in here.

Master Bedroom . . it is plenty big for our eliptical. YEAH

Kitchen - Yes those are cookies next to Tarin . . had to break in the double oven and promptly find people to deliver the cookies to.

Walker's Cowboy Room . . had to bring a little TX with us

Girl's Room . . will be a beach room one day. Oh, Walker

I thought Ella's sunburned cheeks looked cute in this one

Bonus room . . .the room we all LOVE. Already preformed plays and housed sleepovers. Robby and Katie broke it in . .. poor them, with my broken air mattress.

The Front, and the red door is staying. . . we LOVE it!

Welcome. . . and please come if you want. .. we would LOVe to have ya. We Love visitors!!