Friday, December 12, 2008

December Thus Far in Pictures

This is what we are up to this weekend! Karina and Luke came to stay for a few days. The girls love to have them over because they are so much fun to play with and Walker LOVES having another boy to play trucks with. They are having a great time. Notice they are all bathed...kuddos to me. It may or may not be because I am a little OCD about them bathing every night, but they don't mind it, so that is why we do it. Crazy? I would agree. Their ages.. 7, 5, 4, 3, 1. Anyone wanna loan us a 6 and 2 year old? That way we could have them all the way down.
Last weekend one of the activities was building our annual gingerbread house. This is the final product. It isn't quite as good as last years, but it will do. We have too keep it up high or Walker will have the whole thing eaten before tomorrow.

Last weekend our neighborhood HOA brought snow and sledding to us. There isn't ever enough snow here in TX to get some sledding on, so they brought in TWO SEMI loads of ice and put it into this GIANT Snow cone maker and sprayed it up on a hill in our 'hood. There are even catered sleds and a coffee/cocoa/cookie bar where you can get what you want made to order. IT was awesome. The only was like 70 degrees. The kids were SO hot. If it weren't for them being wet, they would have all be sledding in t-shirts and shorts. This is Bailey, one of the girls good friends, I couldn't resist sharing the look of sheer terror. The hill is like 15 feet long. PRETTY FUNNY!

Daddy got in on the action.

Mommy too!!

It took Ella a little while to warm up to the idea, but she eventually caught on.

They even left a mound of snow for the kids to have a snowball ended up being more of an ice ball fight.

The girls had a great time!

Tarin took a few spills. Notice the grass off to the really was like a 100 ft by 20 foot hill. It looked hillarious from a distance. Only in Texas can you buy your snow from the sledding hill man. Thanks to our great HOA for putting on a great activity.

The best sledding of all was done after the kids left. A friend and I volunteered to help man the hill and make sure nothing crazy went on....we decided to build a few jumps. One of the neighbor boys came with the BEST sled I have ever been on, so natuarally we stole it from him. Livia seriously caught some air and we had a grand time. It was the first time Livia had ever been on a sled, so that was fun to see her become a stunt sledder on the first go round! Anywho...that is it so far. I am sure we will do many more exciting things in the weeks to come...not to mention the 25 hour drive to grandma's house. Should be fun!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

What a Day

So, today turned out to be somewhat eventful. Not that it was full of events, but the few events that happened were somewhat stressful. Walk and I went to Wal-Mart which has been somewhat of a daily occurance as of late. When we got out to the truck I began the get Walker buckled battle. You see, he would much rather just play around in the truck than actually sis in his seat and ride in it. I decided the keys would be a good distraction for him while I buckle him up. It worked and it was a flawless buckling up. I put all the bags in the truck including the diaper bag with my cell phone and wallet. I then closed his door and went to put the cart back. As soon as his door was closed I realized that he had the keys and would probably push the lock button and I would be locked out. Sure enough...that is EXACTLY what happened!! I start knocking on the window telling him to push the buttons and he keeps pushing the lock button over and over again. A few minutes pass by and then a lady asks me if I need help. I ask her if I can borrow her cell phone. I knew Livia was home so I thought I could get her to bring me my spare set of keys from the house. There are very few numbers I have memorized and hers are some of them. She isn't answering her I call Dan and tell him to start calling Livia because she will recognize his number, right? Still a no-go. All right, I will call Sara...mean time Walker is just playing games in the truck. Pushing buttons all around (thanksfully no the panic button). Sara is getting ready to write down all the info to get my keys to me when the boy pushes the unlock button and the sweet stranger opens my truck door. Truthfully I think she was more relieved than I was. I knew that things would be okay but she was concerned for Walker. It was only about 55 degrees outside, so I wasn't concerned about the heat, but more about the time of him being in his sweater in the car...that was getting warmer. Anywho...all worked out and we got home just in time for naps.

Right after naps I notice this car hanging out by my driveway. I think...oh no, someone is going to want to come see the is a DISASTER!! I haven't shown it since October and that was the last time it was all clean at one time. AAAHH! Sure, enough, they want to see the house. I figure, hey, why not. I had literally two minutes to straighten up. I ran to the bedroom to make sure there wasn't underwear in sight. It was just crazy. As I was telling the lady all about the neighborhood and my house it made me realize how much I don't want to leave this area. I am willing, however, to go where I need to go and do what I need to do...where He wants me He can put me. That is my basic philosophy. I am done for the day and Dan is on his way home a little early so that makes this craziness a little more manageable!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Monday, December 1, 2008

Fall 2008

It is about time I update with some Halloween Pics, etc. We just got home from and INCREDIBLE trip to visit Dan's parents in Hawaii. The photoshow will be coming soon. We had such a great time. None of us wanted to leave, but really, who would?? Anyway, enjoy the photos of the past few months and tomorrow will be updated with our Hawaii pics. It is gonna be a LONG ONE!! So get comfy!