Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sugarless Journey

So I know it has been too long since I've blogged, but I thought I would blog my time spent without sugar....It all started last night around 8 PM when the Andes Mint Brownies came out of Livia's oven. Of course I ate one....who wouldn't. This morning, I woke up, felt motivated and decided today was the day I would no longer eat sugar (at least until I lose 4-5 pounds...hopefully before Robby's wedding next week). Anywho...I dump the rest of the OH SO YUMMY GOODNESS chocolate cake down the would have been proud and my sugar free day begins. Make it through the gym, home to shower and run Ella to ballet. Make it through ballet and then I come home for lunch. Make a HUGE yummy salad and eat the ENTIRE thing....think...well since i can't have sugar, I should give myself a piece of whole wheat toast...and when I went to get the bread...THERE THEY WERE.....THIN MINT GIRL SCOUT COOKIES.....there was a minute (maybe 30) hesitation before I promptly sat down and ate 10 of them...2 at a time...very slowly. And it sugar free 12 hours were fantastic. Maybe I'll do it again tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Short Update

So, not to skip over Christmas and all the excitement of our 60 hours in the car, but two major events happened today. My 22 month old "baby" told me he needed to pee pee and sure enough, he went to the potty and not only pee pee but poo poo came out. The intial plop scared him a bit, but he survived. Later this evening, while visiting the restaurant de Busby, he told me again, but this time I made him wait. Sure enough, about 5 minutes later we went to the potty and he had another success. WOO HOO! I think we are going to give this a go.

And to add a funny story to the mix. As we were having baths tonight Ella said something profound. I told her that "no" she could not watch tv. She said to me, "I wish that word (meaning the word no) would just go away!" I thought that was a good indicator as to what type of day Ella had had.

The End